1.            Often, the best buyers are hard negotiators, so make sure your chosen agent has the experience and knowledge to close the deal on the most attractive terms.

2.            Discuss the market conditions and the level of interest in your property with your agent, before deciding on your strategy.

3.            Even a low offer is a strong buying signal so should be treated positively. An interested party can often be persuaded to increase their offer to an attractive level.

4.            Avoid negotiating directly with potential buyers. Your agent should act as a buffer and smooth the process.

5.            Consider your objectives. For instance, does a faster sale add value or is a higher price a little further down the line more attractive?

6.            Think about any onward purchase and the influence your choice of buyer may have on this. For example, a cash buyer may help you secure your preferred property.

7.            Often the best offer to accept combines a great price and great position. Don’t focus on price alone.

8.            Once you have offers, negotiate promptly. Buyers can lose interest if negotiations drag on.

9.            Before finally accepting an offer, ensure your buyer’s position has been thoroughly checked and documentary evidence of their circumstances obtained.

10.          Once you have agreed terms, act quickly to secure your buyer. Ensure that your agent has details of your solicitor and anything else they need to issue sales correspondence, within 24 hours.

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